Magical Words: The Power of Intention

I. Alejandro Virgilio
Magical Words The Power of Intention I. Alejandro Virgilio

ISBN 978-1-7947-3634-4

This book appears at a problematic time for magic, where those who practice are being chased from the public scene by untrained, armchair magicians and those who seek to peddle fake “magical goods.” It is a time where beginners, who have access to remarkable occult texts, are unable to practically work them because the real magicians are silent, lest they are attacked. Meanwhile, self-appointed magical role models and teachers cannot provide the elemental practical Magic 101, probably because they do not know it themselves.

In this little book, Magical Words: The Power of Intention, I. Alejandro Virgilio condenses years of practical experience at the business end of magical ritual and provides much-needed details few magicians people consider role models and teachers say.

The author ignores the pompous academic approach, which characterises the new breed of Internet witches and magicians, to cover their lack of experience, and delivers the goods so beginners can know what is necessary and apply magic to transform their lives. Magical Words: The Power of Intention provides a simple ritual framework they can adapt to work with any spirit while providing precautions for when things go wrong.

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