New authors might be surprised at the tone of this section as it reveals a darker underbelly of the publishing industry that few people know. However, please understand that what is described below is honest and blunt. Those in the industry should recognise that it is based on the pitfalls and experience of being esoteric writers.

Lord Manticore House accepts books on all aspects of occultism, magic, divination, paganism, esoteric orders. These may be new works from new authors or previously published out-of-print works. However, we insist that Lord Manticore House books are substantial and not less than 50,000 words long. Our editors may accept a book conditional that some areas are revised to meet basic publishing standards. That said, we reserve the right to refuse publication. Lord Manticore House is an established company under the control of Thoth Hermes Communications. It is not a self-publishing company, and we do not accept money to publish books.

All pieces will be re-edited and laid out to form a “new edition” and a new cover. In addition, there will be a hardcover and a paperback produced. Our team aims to produce 12 titles a year, so we will tell the author when their work will be published within a month or two (much will depend on how much editing is required and issues beyond our control). However, Lord Manticore has experience with publishing houses that sit on a title for years and never releasing it, and we will do our best to ensure that this does not happen to your work.

While Lord Manticore House is a “wide church” of views and ideas, we will not accept books that have no occult merit or which contain content that is defamatory, illegal, sexist, racist, or advocates the harming or oppression of anyone based on their sexuality, race, or religious beliefs. Poetry, short stories, erotic stories or novels are not something we take on.

We have a style sheet that we will send writers along with their contract, but we prefer books to have a direct, informative and easy to read style and will edit accordingly. Adult language or humour is acceptable (providing it is funny), but this might limit your audience, and if it does not help the work, we might suggest its removal.

Lord Manticore House will do its best to create a highly professional looking work which we will send to the author for approval. If mistakes are found in the text, we will edit these and issue revisions.

As a Lord Manticore House author, you have more power over your project. We will only keep your book for three years (to cover our costs), and afterwards, you can maintain the project as it is or take it to another publisher. We will send you royalties monthly unless the value of these is less than 10 euro, in which case we will roll over your royalty payments monthly. Payments will be made through Paypal.

After completing the project, we will issue press releases, canvas the occult book shops, and make our announcements on social media. It is in our interest to make sure your book sells.