Star and Stone

Nick Farrell

Astrological Geomancy was once the mainstay of the Western Mystery Tradition as a form of divination only matched by Astrology.

For centuries, court magicians used Geomancy to advise the crowned heads of Europe on matters related to war, marriages, foreign and economic policy.

Most of the top magicians of the Renaissance and Cunning people used Geomancy as a quicker and more easy-to-use form of divination.

Sadly, Geomancy, along with Astrology, fell from widespread use in the 19th century. While Astrology was restored to prominence and modernised in the 20th century, its Geomancy council remained an esoteric curiosity.

Even within the 20th century, magical groups like the Golden Dawn and Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) rarely enthusiastically embraced Geomancy. The feeling was that although it was accurate, it was difficult as all its texts felt out-of-date, needlessly pessimistic.

Lately, steps have been made to fix this issue and restore Geomancy to its rightful place in the modern magical corpus.

In Star and Stone, Nick Farrell presents a step-by-step method of understanding Geomancy using more modern astrological methods and interpretations to lift this powerful oracle from its medieval roots and into the Internet age.

The book takes the reader through the basics and into more advanced methods still firmly rooted in traditional Geomancy. It takes the would-be Geomancer from their first simple readings to more advanced understandings, all based on a more positive approach to questions.

Farrell writes with a magical edge and interest in practical uses for Geomancy oracles, unlike many books on these matters. This is the largest and most detailed book on practical Geomancy to be published since the 17th century.

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